Job Application Letters

Job Application letters are those letters which are written by individuals while applying for a job. Framing job application letters is a trying situation for most of us. Doubts about precision, relevance, need and style plague all of us. Exactly how much information is necessary and what is the fine line between self aggrandizement and correct self-pitching are questions which occur while writing job application letters. There are certain points to be kept in mind while writing job application letters, which can help resolve some of the dilemmas we face:

  • The job application letter must be framed according to the needs of the job applied for. Though this seems a fairly known proposition, most of us forget this cardinal rule. The letter must be business-like, courteous and provide information which is enough to hold the attention of the potential employer.
  • The job application letter must make mention of the current professional details of the applicant. The reason of applying for the job must be specified clearly. This section of the letter is important as the applicant’s suitability for a job may be gauged from his or her reasons for applying for it.
  • The style of the job application letter must be given particular attention. Care should be taken to eschew flourish and an ornate convoluted style. The facts must be mentioned simply and clearly, and the formal features of the letter must follow those laid down for business or professional letters. This is an important criterion on which applicants may be judged.
  • Finally, the letter must be discrete, restrained and reflective of taste and decorum. There is absolutely no need to enter information that is irrelevant to the matter at hand. One must know when to stop while writing such professional letters as it is an indicator of the applicant’s sense of proportion and occasion.

Thus, a job application letter need not invoke the fears that it usually does if the basic points mentioned above are borne in mind.